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Sarah Nnenna Loveth Nwafor's debut chapbook Already Knew You Were Coming is a tender exploration of loneliness, queer identity, and codependance. With words which pierce the heart and pump fresh blood to the senses, Sarah moves us across timelines and transports us to worlds where the moon talks back and banshees declare revolution with Bitterlemon and kola nut in hand. This collection shows us how to bring compassion to all the iterations of one's spirit, and leaves you with affirmations of your future-self whispering in the winds. Praise for this book and the magic it evokes!  Cover by Mar Spragge!



Sarah Nnenna Loveth Nwafor (They/Them) is a queer Igbo-American Poet, Educator, and Facilitator who descends of a powerful ancestry. They believe that storytelling is magick, and they speak to practice traditions of Igbo orature. When they witness, their forebears are pleased. Sarah has been writing for a minute and is learning something new about their voice each year, but one thing they’re proud to share is that they have a chapbook forthcoming with Game Over Books! When Sarah's not writing; they’re probably sitting under a tree, reading about Love, dancing with friends or cooking a bomb-ass meal like the true Taurus they are. They can be found on instagram (@sarahnwafor) or on their website: sarahnwafor.com

Already Knew You Were Coming