Big Feelings by Gigi Bella (2020)



Big Feelings is a grand tour of love and loss, femininity, and the nuances inherent in the simple messiness of being alive. Gigi Bella masterfully works within the ambiguity of feelings that do not ever truly end—of what it feels like to be a ghost within those feelings—and she guides the reader through the origin point of every haunting. She navigates the tragedies of heartbreak, the experience of brown girlhood, the loneliness ingrained within artists, and the courage it takes to get back up again even when it feels like you have already died many times before. With compassion and much needed humor, Big Feelings allows us the necessary space to be alone with one another.


Praise for Big Feelings 


“if the universe is made up of a bunch of mini universes and girlhood is a universe, then girlhood is made up of a bunch of mini girlhoods and if you looked at girlhood through a microscope and chose one mini girlhood to zoom in on, you might come across girlhood in albuquerque, which, any girl who grew up in albuquerque knows is a universe and then, if you zoomed in on albuquerque girlhood, you might come across gigi bella's heart which, without a doubt, is it's own universe and when you zoomed in on that universe, you would, no question, find big feelings which, & i can't stress this enough, embodies so much about the ballistic universe of girlhood: a needle shoved into a septum, gaslighting white boys who turn into ghosts, and of course, the obvious fact that all of the saddest songs in history have been pop songs, everyone knows that, right? these poems are playful, mean, messy, and calculated—the perfect picture of a girl's bedroom, where, when her mother comes in and insists that she clean it, she responds, why? everything has its own place.”


-Olivia Gatwood, author of New American Best Friend and Life of the Party


“at once a time capsule of love and loss, and a hymnal book of protest songs against the current political regime, the reader becomes a lucky passenger in bella’s car, driving the scenic route through her brilliant and expansive mind. the book reads as a memoir in verse. the poems travel both physical and emotional landscapes, journeying through vibrant New Mexico and through the often lonely road of living as someone with big feelings. we get to meet bodega cats, and Ariana Grande, her family and her loves, but most importantly we get to meet gigi: wholly human and wholly herself. this book is as tender as it is fierce, and will be opened like a gift by the hearts of so many.”  


-Andrea Gibson, author of Pansy and Take Me With You

“gigi bella’s poetry is a dazzling mosh pit of glitter, studded belts and vulnerability. here, bella stage dives into her own made up genre—spunk rock—where love, loss, grief and hope are written with such earnestness, you can’t help but feel your own inner riot child jumping into the pit.”


-Rachel McKibbens, author of Pink Elephant and blud


ISBN: 9781732498662

Big Feelings