Priestess of Tankinis by Sara Mae (2018)


Priestess of Tankinis is an intimate account of coming of age as a young woman, and the lessons we learn about friendship, family, and love. Sara Mae’s writing and imagery are surreal, effortless, and wise beyond her years; the signs of a true priestess.  


Praise for Priestess of Takinis


"Sara Mae's Priestess of Tankinis is a prayer to herself that invites me into that holy place and reminds me what the fuck I deserve from love, girlhood and tenderness."

           -Zenaida Peterson, author of Breakfast for Dinner


"Tenderness and unapology work together not just to assert the poet's strength and resilience, but to remind us of ours. Priestess of Tankinis shows me that magic is real—both around me, and within me."

           -Jess Rizkallah, author of the magic my body becomes



ISBN: 9781732498600

Priestess of Tankinis