Sex Camel by Muggs Fogarty (2018)


This collection of poems by Muggs Fogarty tells a story of how contradictory and complicated recovering from sexual trauma can be. Through their words, we learn to give ourselves permission to heal, to grow, and to laugh and love again. 


Praise for Sex Camel


"Fogarty's writing is kaleidoscopic—sharp-edged, bright, always blooming into something new. Here, their luminous vision is pulled into tight focus, navigating initmacy and healing amidst a legacy of violence. There is inventiveness and urgency, along with humor—and tenderness, of course. Above all I'm impressed by the care that Fogarty gives, to both speaker and reader, as they try to figure out how to be close and okay, how to answer this right-now question / of sweat and kindness." 


—Franny Choi, author of Soft Science


Anything can be a desert if that’s where you’re at. Muggs Fogarty's Sex Camel is an echo of desires in conflict, exposed vulnerabilities, a tug of war between love and grief. A sex camel carries the world; all of the feelings, the inadequacies, the needs, the hunger, the rage, and the aching desire for connection. Fogarty's voice is melancholic, sharp, warm, brilliant, honest. Holding itself, it holds the reader. Fogarty liberates us with their words that unlock, heal, and lead us into an oasis of compassion and self love.”

—Shey Rivera Ríos, Artistic Director of AS220


"Sex Camel speaks of what the body contains / what it reserves / how we make a meal of interority where nothing else can satisfy. These poems transform hurt & loss into sources of unexpected nourishment. Fogarty convinces me time & again that the only tragedy in retreating inside whatever safety means, is that often, safety only has room enough for one. What luck to be asked into those narrow moments of strength. I'm so glad I get to carry this work with me as water to my next thirst."


—Emily O'Neill, author of a falling knife has no handle


ISBN: 9781732498617

Sex Camel

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