THIS CONVERSATION IS BEING RECORDED is a collection of poems & erasures based on Kezema's experiences working as a PI and editor in the insurance fraud industry. This collection is a documentarian and hybrid memoir, exploring issues that come with being a female in the industry, the corrupt nature of the U.S. healthcare system, and a significant increase in workers' compensation claims amidst the global pandemic and climate change crisis. These poems were written as a means of survival during widespread tragedy, wildfires, and the demands of capitalism.


About the Author 

Hannah Kezema is an artist who works across mediums. She is the author of the chapbook, three (2017, Tea and Tattered Pages), and her work appears in Black Sun Lit, Grimoire, New Life Quarterly, Full Stop, Spiral Orb, and other places. She was the 2018 Arteles Resident of the Enter Text program, and she is currently the co-editor of Moving Parts Press’s broadside series of Latinx and Chicanx poetry, in collaboration with Felicia Rice and Angel Dominguez.

This Conversation is Being Recorded