We've All Seen Helena by Lip Manegio (2019)


We’ve All Seen Helena is such a comet. This bright, burning emo-punk poetry collection explores the complexities of finding your identity and placing your trust in a role model when you only know their surface. Lip Manegio navigates their journey to understanding queerness by summoning, dissecting and conversing with their personal icon, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance fame. Raw, visceral and unapologetically vulnerable books don’t come around often, so love this one while you can. 


Praise for We've All Seen Helena


“A reliquary of tucked knives, fanfiction, & gritty vocals, We’ve All Seen Helena grips a universe that is both tender & resolute all at once. Holding a mirror to the flame, Lip interrogates how we understand our idols & then reimagines the face of survival. What a gift it is that we’ve been invited to journey through these pages, each poem reminding us: “comets don’t come around often, kid — you gotta love them while you can.”


-Brandon Melendez, author of Gold That Frames the Mirror 


"If you combined the “O Captain, My Captain” moment from Dead Poet’s Society with a mosh pit at Warped Tour, you’d get this stunning chapbook. A visceral reflection on coming of age and coming out, Lip Manegio’s poems teem with love for Gerard Way, both as an icon and an actual human being. We’ve All Seen Helena is an anthem so many of us can scream at the top of our lungs: the story of everything our heroes gave us, and the story of how we became our own heroes.”


-Lyd Havens, author of I Gave Birth to All the Ghosts Here


ISBN: 9781732498631

We've All Seen Helena