Wolf Girls Vs. Horse Girls

Are you over middle school yet? Are you sure? Catherine Weiss's debut full-length collection includes poetry about adolescence and after. Weiss asks how, exactly, does one recover from growing up a girl? Desire, fatness, addiction, queerness, gender identity, mental illness, family, and trauma are all explored incisively. Making the most of pop culture touchstones ranging from Smashmouth's All Star to Hesiod's Theogony, Wolf Girls Vs. Horse Girls finds a thrilling, new weird. Weiss's smart and playful use of form is contrasted with a willingness to evoke deep emotions, and these poems coalesce into a collection that is joyful, funny, and poignant.

Catherine Weiss’s Wolf Girls Vs. Horse Girls is one of the most enjoyable poetry collections I’ve read in years. The key part of that pleasure comes from the poet’s ability to amuse and be amused about even the most devastating things… I can’t think of another voice quite like Catherine Weiss’s.



Wolf Girls Vs. Horse Girls is all ode and fervor, it’s earthy, it’s sharp. it’s your best friend whispering confessions on the night drive and then you say “wait me too” and then you both say “i thought i was the only one.” 

-Jess Rizkallah, author of THE MAGIC MY BODY BECOMES


Weiss turns every boundary into an expanse; builds tools from the shadows of tools and grows a new sun out of them.  

-Sam Rush, author of SWALLOW


In Wolf Girls Vs. Horse Girls we encounter a voice of singular charm, authenticity, and force. Mirroring the psychic pains of childhood and the adult’s search for a stable sense of self, these poems unmake and remake themselves on the page, seeking original forms to evoke the bewilderment of living and longing in a body.  

-Jay Deshpande, author of LOVE THE STRANGER

Wolf Girls Vs. Horse Girls

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