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Josh Savory is the creator and lead editor of Game Over Books. He received his Master’s Degree in English at Bridgewater State University where he also worked on The Bridge, the student-run arts journal, for two years. Later, during a brief stint as the Contracts Coordinator of Strength of Doves Productions, he started working with local writers, helping with editing, formatting, and printing several chapbooks. Some of the books he worked on include but are not limited to: Andrine Pierresaint's Even Pears Speak to Me, Briana Unique Descilien's In 20 Years, Anthony Febo's I Wonder What Ricky Martin Is Doing Right Now, Adobo Fish Sauce's A Little Sauce on the Side, Lissa Piercy's In Writing, Kaleigh O'Keefe's Modern Mourning, and Flatline Poetry's Closets. 


In his spare time, he reads manga, plays Overwatch on PS4 (D.VA, Wrecking Ball, Moira, Hanzo), and watches The Food Network for recipes of things he’ll never actually cook.


Kaleigh O’Keefe is a queer and transgender poet, performer, craftsperson, designer, activist, and organizer living in Dorchester, MA. They have performed everywhere from dingy basements and downtown Boston sidewalks during protests, to the Boston Pride Festival, TEDx Vail Colorado, and the United Nations Headquarters in NYC, sharing stages with Kit Yan, Rev. Osagyefo Sekou, Sakeena Yacoobi, Terry Crews,

and more. They are also an editor, reader, and the lead designer for Game Over Books.


After graduating from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2015 with a BFA in Sculpture and History of Art, Kaleigh went on to become a founding member of Strength of Doves Productions, and performed at high schools and colleges across the country with the Flatline Poetry collective. Now back in Boston, they are an average wage laborer by day, and a revolutionary political organizer and host of the

First Friday’s Youth Open Mic in JP by night. Kaleigh is composed mostly of earl grey and has a measuring tape in their possession at all times. You can learn more about Kaleigh and their work at www.kaleighokeefe.com.



Mike Malpiedi is a queerdo nerd boi, writer, performer, model and friendly neighborhood panda currently residing in Warwick, Rhode Island. They are an editor and distribution coordinator for the Boston/Providence small press, Game Over Books. They have been a producer for organizations and reading series such as the Boulder International Fringe Festival, Bouldering Poets, Bombay Gin Literary Journal and the Biennial for the Americas. Mike is a MFA graduate of Naropa’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and is currently working as an event specialist for Brown University. You can find their work in The Bridge, Clockwise Cat, and The Love Shovel Review.


Kelly Whelan is a writer and email nerd who firmly believes that the book is not always better than the movie. She is acting as a marketing and communications consultant for Game Over Books as well as a submission reader. She is also the assistant director of marketing and communications for a boston-based nonprofit, where she oversees a multichannel marketing department and contributes to day-to-day email design and marketing.

Kelly first came to the field of communications through a love for words. She holds a BA in English with a concentration in Writing. She is passionate about working on projects that make a positive impact, particularly when they overlap with her obsessions with cats, books, or tea. She appreciates any opportunity to share pictures of her two cats, or discuss the wonder of Camellia sinensis.


Liv Mammone is an editor and poet from Long Island, New York. Her poetry has appeared in wordgathering, monstering, Wicked Banshee, The Medical Journal of Australia, and others. In 2017, she competed team for Union Square Slam as the first disabled woman to be on a New York national poetry slam team and appeared in the play The Fall of All Atomic Angels as part of a festival that was named Best of Off Off Broadway by Time Out Magazine. She was also a finalist in the Capturing Fire National Poetry Slam in Washington DC. Her most recent editorial job, Uma Dwivedi’s poetry collection They Called her Goddess; we Named her Girl, was nominated for a Write Bloody book award.


Story Boyle is an editor and fantasy writer by day, a bookseller by night, and a craftsperson-ly genderqueer river troll in the hours in between—which explains her love of bridge architecture and the taste of billy goat. Her short stories have appeared in AliterateOn SpecDaily Science Fiction, and PerVisions.


Mr. Boyle received her BA from New College of Florida, studying both performance and poetry, but concentrating in anthropology. Presently, she lives in Malden with a houseful of cats. The plants and people are pretty amazing, too.

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