I Wish I Wasn't Royalty: Kickstarter Live!!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! We want to do a second print run of I Wish I Wasn't Royalty: A Playable Chapbook, but we need some help to get there. We have officially launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes that we can tap into the gaming and tabletop community on the platform alongside our regular friends and fans who may not have gotten a copy during the first run. We asking for $2500 which would allow us to print at least another 250 copies of the deck. Anyone who pledges $25 or more will get a copy of the deck. 

"Febo dismantles inherited masculinity while dancing on a balancing beam between Brown boyhood and becoming his father's son in this collection of poetry. It is the dinner party you've waited your whole life to attend. The poems hold your hand, guide you to your seat, and feed you until you become the plantain tree itself.”    

-Princess Moon, author of The Genocide’s Love Baby Learns to Sing

“The cookbook you didn't know you needed, the family photo album that comes alive, a book to dance to because Febo doesn't give the body any other choice but to learn to say te amo to yourself and mean it, with hips swaying. This book tendered my heart, I mourned the last page for coming too soon.”  

-Zenaida Peterson, author of Breakfast for Dinner

cutwomanfront (1).jpg

“One of the things I love most is when a poetry book forces me to slow down, to linger in every pause between breaths and reckon with the awareness that Reading is, itself, an act of consumption. Cut Woman does just this. From “night // fall” to “day//break,” Igusti’s speaker forces readers to linger in the spaces both within and between words, bodies, and countries, even when those spaces do not yet exist: “altar of my body did i give you // a forever // i could not promise? // …// an altered kind of grief?” These poems slice, piece, project only to gut open. These poems remember despite Memory: “i purposely forget // the prayer for when someone dies // inna-illahi-something // i always remember how to start // grieving // but // never when or how to let it out of my mouth.” Dena Igusti is a poet of undying urgency - this is a bold, heart-shattering chapbook debut.” 

—George Abraham, author of Birthright (Button Poetry)

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