I Wish I Wasn't Royalty:
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I Wish I Wasn't Royalty is officially back in stock! We want to thank everyone again who supported and shared the Kickstarter campaign. We really couldn't have done it without all the love from our friends and fans. If you missed your chance to grab a copy of the deck during it's first print run then now is the perfect time to pick up your copy.

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Are you over middle school yet? Are you sure? Catherine Weiss's debut full-length collection includes poetry about adolescence and after. Weiss asks how, exactly, does one recover from growing up a girl? Desire, fatness, addiction, queerness, gender identity, mental illness, family, and trauma are all explored incisively. Making the most of pop culture touchstones ranging from Smashmouth's All Star to Hesiod's Theogony, Wolf Girls Vs. Horse Girls finds a thrilling, new weird. Weiss's smart and playful use of form is contrasted with a willingness to evoke deep emotions, and these poems coalesce into a collection that is joyful, funny, and poignant.

"Wolf Girls Vs. Horse Girls is all ode and fervor, it’s earthy, it’s sharp. it’s your best friend whispering confessions on the night drive and then you say “wait me too” and then you both say “i thought i was the only one.”"

-Jess Rizkallah, author of The Magic My Body Becomes


In Chokecherry, Lyd Havens gathers their griefs: the sudden death of their uncle when they were a child, losing both of their grandparents in the span of a year, estrangement from a parent, and unrequited love, among others. What follows is a bouquet of visceral, unflinching poems that simultaneously lament and rejoice. Through memory and all its unreliability, the landscapes of their genealogy, and allusions to grief in history and art, Havens explores the toll mental illness and addiction have taken on their family, while still giving thanks for the love that has helped them not only survive, but live. Chokecherry is equal parts mourning and celebration, loss and growth, rage and tenderness.


Chokecherry is an impeccable collection of poetry. Lyd's writing is a vulnerable baring of the soul, and this work in particular is an urgent reckoning with family, history, and the body. At once deeply personal, and also universal, this collection deserves your attention right this second.”
-Mary Lambert, author of Shame is an Ocean I Swim Across 

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Award-winning writer, performer, and filmmaker Marshall "gripp" Gillson presents their first collection of shorts with The Fainting Game (and Other Stories). After spending a decade earning accolades as a spoken word artist, this collection offers the author's perspective in a new format: closet screenplays.

The scripts, written to be enjoyed on the page and in the mind rather than onscreen, explore the influence of racial capitalism on art, notions of self in the digital age, juvenile depression, and the surreal experience of an antinormative life. Characters in six short scripts invite readers to discover the magical in the worlds of their stories, and in turn the wonder in our own.