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I Wish I Wasn't Royalty:
Kickstarter fully Funded!!

The cards are 100% funded!! The support for this project has been incredible and we can't thank everyone enough. With the funding goal reached, all pledges and future pledges are now pre-orders. There are 8 days left to the campaign and we still have 15 GoB Early Bird decks left, so if you want to pre-order at a discount then get those pledges in. 

With the campaign fully funded we will be able to order a second print run of 250 copies of I Wish I Wasn't Royalty! Any additional funds pledged to the campaign will go towards shipping costs and supporting future print runs of the deck. Thank you so much to all of our current backers again and everyone that has shared the project. We are so excited to be printing of another run of I Wish I Wasn't Royalty just in time for National Poetry Month.

Award-winning writer, performer, and filmmaker Marshall "gripp" Gillson presents their first collection of shorts with The Fainting Game (and Other Stories). After spending a decade earning accolades as a spoken word artist, this collection offers the author's perspective in a new format: closet screenplays.

The scripts, written to be enjoyed on the page and in the mind rather than onscreen, explore the influence of racial capitalism on art, notions of self in the digital age, juvenile depression, and the surreal experience of an antinormative life. Characters in six short scripts invite readers to discover the magical in the worlds of their stories, and in turn the wonder in our own.

"Febo dismantles inherited masculinity while dancing on a balancing beam between Brown boyhood and becoming his father's son in this collection of poetry. It is the dinner party you've waited your whole life to attend. The poems hold your hand, guide you to your seat, and feed you until you become the plantain tree itself.”    

-Princess Moon, author of The Genocide’s Love Baby Learns to Sing

“The cookbook you didn't know you needed, the family photo album that comes alive, a book to dance to because Febo doesn't give the body any other choice but to learn to say te amo to yourself and mean it, with hips swaying. This book tendered my heart, I mourned the last page for coming too soon.”  

-Zenaida Peterson, author of Breakfast for Dinner

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