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Hey Game Over fans,

It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it? Due to the current COVID-19 crisis many industries are suffering immensely, but freelance artists in particular are struggling under the weight of all this uncertainty. As of right now, all of our authors have had shows and tours cancelled for the coming spring and summer which means hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of individual income for the year--income they need to cover basic necessities like rent, groceries, and utilities. All together our authors and the press have lost out on roughly 50 different events including university shows, festival features, vendor exhibits, and bookstore shows.

The COVID-19 crisis is also affecting our upcoming author releases. Our current printer, based in Ohio, is under necessary staffing restrictions and can no longer guarantee printing and shipping dates. This means we won't be able to adhere to our original release plans for the next three books as well as the I Wish I Wasn’t Royalty project. We are still working diligently on each release, and plan to open pre-order links in the coming months, but the inability to do full book tours and set definitive release dates will affect sales for some time.


Like many other freelance artists, this is causing a lot of distress for our authors and our crew. All this to say, we can use some help from our friends and fans.

We are seeking donations to help our authors recoup lost income from events and sales opportunities. We want to help support their basic needs during this crisis however we can. We know there are many people, causes, and businesses out there that need support, so we appreciate any donation, no matter the size. We also appreciate folks spreading the word if possible. We are truly grateful to all of you who continue to support our authors and our press.

Thank you so much everyone and please stay well!

The Game Over Books Team   


Big Feelings: Available Now

“if the universe is made up of a bunch of mini universes and girlhood is a universe, then girlhood is made up of a bunch of mini girlhoods and if you looked at girlhood through a microscope and chose one mini girlhood to zoom in on, you might come across girlhood in albuquerque, which, any girl who grew up in albuquerque knows is a universe and then, if you zoomed in on albuquerque girlhood, you might come across gigi bella's heart which, without a doubt, is it's own universe and when you zoomed in on that universe, you would, no question, find big feelings which, & i can't stress this enough, embodies so much about the ballistic universe of girlhood: a needle shoved into a septum, gaslighting white boys who turn into ghosts, and of course, the obvious fact that all of the saddest songs in history have been pop songs, everyone knows that, right? these poems are playful, mean, messy, and calculated—the perfect picture of a girl's bedroom, where, when her mother comes in and insists that she clean it, she responds, why? everything has its own place.”


-Olivia Gatwood, author of New American Best Friend and Life of the Party

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The Visible Planets: Available Now

“These poems circle the unknown until we recognize it as already part of us. I read them & feel smaller than I realized I was, but what a gift to find the known universe granular as it travels through Pierce's lens, at once exploding & perfected by attention. Here, the vocabulary of particle physics, of math, of medicine, of humility, of grief, of orbit, is a limitless love language we all have in common.”

—Emily O’Neill, author of a falling knife has no handle 


“Aly Pierce's wondrous collection fittingly begins by considering new ways to look at the Hubble telescope, a tool we use for looking out into space. And with these poems that turn our gaze towards to the moons, planets, and stars that seem so far away, Pierce dares us to look at these distant wonders in a new way, as characters in our own lives—each with their own romances, sloppy nights, and heartbreaks.”

—Bob Sykora, author of I was Talking about Love—You are Talking about Geography


Sana Sana: Available Now

After ten years of performing her spoken word poetry, Ariana Brown gathers her favorite poems to return to in Sana Sana. With a tender and critical voice, she explores Black girlhood, the possibilities of queerness, finding your people, and trying to survive capitalism. All are explored as acts of different kinds of love—for self, for lovers, for family, for community. Brown’s collection refuses singularity, insisting on the specificity of her own life and studies. As she writes toward her own healing, Brown asks readers to participate in the ceremony by serving as witnesses. Sana Sana, colita de rana, si no sana hoy, sana en la mañana.

"The virtue that I have long admired in the poems of Ariana Brown is the warmth that is directed upon the audience. And these poems know and identify their audience with gentleness and gratitude, even—or especially—when the audience is the self. I am thankful to once again be witness to these poems that welcome and make space for the people who most need it."

—Hanif Abdurraqib, author of A Fortune for Your Disaster

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