"not without small joys is, beyond an examination of pleasure, also an examination of stillness, of what the world can afford us even within our solitude if we are willing enough, eager enough, if we open our palms and wait for an offering. These poems burst with the moments of joy within the larger moments of joy. There is such sweetness here, and it lingers well after the book is finished."

—Hanif Abdurraqib, author of A Fortune for Your Disaster and The Crown Ain't Worth Much 


"It is undeniable, the sheer force of Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah's not without small joys, which powerfully conjures a world of tender care even in the face of brutality. Let "small" not mean subtle or diminishing, but rather a reclamation of Black vitality, which anti-Blackness seeks to destroy. This book is a call for Black revolutionary joy." 

—Muriel Leung, author of Imagine Us, The Swarm, and Bone Confetti

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Recipe for Time Travel in Case We Lose Each Other is a study of emergence through reflections of interiors, hearts, geology (volcanos), deep time, and—of course—time travel. These poems abound in moments we can look at the earth as a body or the body as an earth and attempt to understand our own relationships with others and with ourselves through approaching the unfamiliar with wonder and resolve.

"A collection as rare as a fire opal, Recipe for Time Travel In Case We Lose Each Other by Kristian Macaron is a book of poems that yearns, and will leave your blood burning."

—Rachael Inciarte, Poet/Author of What Kind of Seed Made You

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Sarah Nnenna Loveth Nwafor's debut chapbook Already Knew You Were Coming is a tender exploration of loneliness, queer identity, and codependance. With words which pierce the heart and pump fresh blood to the senses, Sarah moves us across timelines and transports us to worlds where the moon talks back and banshees declare revolution with Bitterlemon and kola nut in hand. This collection shows us how to bring compassion to all the iterations of one's spirit, and leaves you with affirmations of your future-self whispering in the winds. Praise for this book and the magic it evokes! 


"Already Knew You Were Coming is a stellar debut filled with a commitment to life. The poems sparkle with a kind of spiritual knowledge older than any white man’s act of violence. Nwafor’s writing into Igbo ontology, queer possibility, and Black gender(s) teaches us how to recover our many selves."

—Ariana Brown, author of We Are Owed.