Heavier Than Wait: Available Now

“In Ilyus Evander’s debut poetry collection, we are given a perfect guide through a queer experience of mental illness. Using a blend of hypertext, memory, and dream, Evander circles the many ways pathology and autonomy weave in and out of our bodies—how they converse, contradict, glitch, reveal our desire to escape, but also to stay. Heavier Than Wait is a beacon lighting the unspeakable, a teacher, a mirror, a dirge. Swallow each bitter pill in these poems—you might even feel better.”

—Muggs Fogarty, author of Sex Camel

Ilyus decided that their personal profits during the Pre-Sale of this book will be donated directly to AMOR, a network of grassroots organizations in my home state fighting hate crimes and state-sanctioned violence.


Big Feelings: Available Now

“if the universe is made up of a bunch of mini universes and girlhood is a universe, then girlhood is made up of a bunch of mini girlhoods and if you looked at girlhood through a microscope and chose one mini girlhood to zoom in on, you might come across girlhood in albuquerque, which, any girl who grew up in albuquerque knows is a universe and then, if you zoomed in on albuquerque girlhood, you might come across gigi bella's heart which, without a doubt, is it's own universe and when you zoomed in on that universe, you would, no question, find big feelings which, & i can't stress this enough, embodies so much about the ballistic universe of girlhood: a needle shoved into a septum, gaslighting white boys who turn into ghosts, and of course, the obvious fact that all of the saddest songs in history have been pop songs, everyone knows that, right? these poems are playful, mean, messy, and calculated—the perfect picture of a girl's bedroom, where, when her mother comes in and insists that she clean it, she responds, why? everything has its own place.”


-Olivia Gatwood, author of New American Best Friend and Life of the Party


Sana Sana: Available Now

After ten years of performing her spoken word poetry, Ariana Brown gathers her favorite poems to return to in Sana Sana. With a tender and critical voice, she explores Black girlhood, the possibilities of queerness, finding your people, and trying to survive capitalism. All are explored as acts of different kinds of love—for self, for lovers, for family, for community. Brown’s collection refuses singularity, insisting on the specificity of her own life and studies. As she writes toward her own healing, Brown asks readers to participate in the ceremony by serving as witnesses. Sana Sana, colita de rana, si no sana hoy, sana en la mañana.

"The virtue that I have long admired in the poems of Ariana Brown is the warmth that is directed upon the audience. And these poems know and identify their audience with gentleness and gratitude, even—or especially—when the audience is the self. I am thankful to once again be witness to these poems that welcome and make space for the people who most need it."

—Hanif Abdurraqib, author of A Fortune for Your Disaster

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