Game Over Books

Open Submission Period!! V.5

5/27/21 - 7/1/21


Please read carefully because our guidelines have changed.

For this reading period, we ask that you send us a sample of your work, up to TEN pages.

Chapbooks are welcomed, but, ultimately, Game Over Books is looking for manuscripts over 32 pages with no page limit.

If we want to read more after reading the sample, we will contact you to send us the rest of the manuscript via email at a later date.


  • You may submit poetry and/or prose (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, hybrid, etc.) from any genre.

  • Manuscripts should be in Times New Roman, size 12 font. Please include a title page and a table of contents. Do not include an acknowledgements page.

  • Do not include your name/any identifying information anywhere within the manuscript or title of the submission. If your name appears in the work, please delete it/falsify it. Manuscripts with identifying information will be disqualified from consideration.

  • Individual poems/stories may be previously published, but the manuscript as a whole may not be previously published.

  • Content Warnings appreciated. Please, add them to the title page of the document.

  • We accept simultaneous submissions. If chosen, you will be asked to remove your work from simultaneous review upon notification. If your work is chosen at another publication, please notify us immediately.


What We're Looking For!!

Game Over Books is looking to publish work that is entertaining and thought-provoking, cheery, dark, or otherwise. Weird fiction, experimental prose, comics, cookbooks, whatever you got, we want to read it.

The type of work that makes you say “oh shit!” and you have to pause and look around to make sure no one actually heard you say that out loud.

We like manuscripts that tell a story and have an overall arc to them.

Be honest. Be weird. But most of all, be you!


Please Note!!

Game Over Books does not believe in a reader's fee so submissions are entirely free. However, we are a small operation with limited funds so if you want, there is an option to donate. We also encourage you to purchase books from our store to both support us, and to get an idea for the kind of work we like to print. Either way, thank you for submitting your work to Game Over Books. We appreciate you!